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XENOGENIC-FREE  Cell Culture Supplement
  • EliteGro™ Product Lines</span>

    EliteGro™ Product Lines

    Human Platelet Lysate Supplement
    EliteGroTM Product Lines are animal serum-free, xenogenic -free cell culture supplements for research or commercial development of cell therapies, providing  abundant human growth factors.
    • DMF  No. 032759
      DMF032759  MF27525
    • Lower Cost
      Lower Cost
    • Lot-to-Lot consistency
      Lot-to-Lot Consistency
    • Short Culture Time
      Short Culture Time
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  • Human Lymphocyte <span>Culture Medium and Kit</span>

    Human Lymphocyte Culture Medium and Kit

    EL837 is a safe, stable, and superior  medium for use in human lymphocyte induction and expansion and clinical applications. 
    EliteCell NK Kit can obtain high purity of CD3-/CD56+ NK cells with high cytotoxic ability from both peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and cord blood mononuclear cells (CBMCs).
    • Chemically Defined
      Chemically Defined
    • Xenogeneic Free
      Xenogeneic Free
    • No Insulin, No Transferrin
      No Insulin,         No Transferrin
    • High performance
      High Performance
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Expert Cell Culture Media Manufacturer

Expert Cell Culture Media Manufacturer

Expert Cell Culture Media Manufacturer
We are committed to proving safe and effective animal serum-free products to support and accelerate the development of cell therapies and regenerative medicines in worldwide.
Collaborating with FDA licensed and AABB-accredited blood centers in the USA for raw materials supply, 100% traceable source.
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Expert Cell Culture Media Manufacturer
Why Choose Us

10+ Years of Experiences in Global Supply

We bring more  than 10 years of  extensive cGMP manufacturing experience in the  cell supplement market. Our  Biomedical EliteCell Corp. cGMP-compliant facility located in Texas contains an  integrated quality management system and follows FDA regulation 21CFR Part 820.
10+ Years of Experiences in Global Supply

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